Game Plan: Making Sure You Pack Up Everything of Importance

people laying under cardboard boxes in a room holding up a help sign

When you’re packing for a move, especially when you’re rushed because you procrastinated too long on your packing duties, it’s easy to miss things. Overlooking an important memento, vital document or other irreplaceable item can make a stressful move even harder to deal with.

When you’re just moving across town, you may still have an opportunity to retrieve an item you’ve forgotten, if you quickly realize you left it behind. But if yours is a long-distance move and/or you don’t realize right away something is missing, it might be gone forever. Create a solid game plan to ensure you pack up everything of importance before you leave your old home for the last time.

Create A Packing Calendar

Creating a packing timeline for your move helps you stay on track, so you feel less rushed on moving day. When you hurry through your packing, it’s really easy to miss something that could be important to you. A packing calendar offers a reliable guide to keep you focused, motivated, and better prepared to face your packing challenges.

Start packing as early as possible to give yourself plenty of time. Properly prioritize your packing jobs based on what matters most, and set up reasonable deadlines for completion. Break up major packing tasks into easier-to-achieve mini-tasks to keep better track of your progress and avoid being overwhelmed. Stick to your overall schedule to ensure you have everything packed before moving day.

Take Inventory

Before you pack anything, take inventory of all your belongings to see exactly what you have and prioritize your packing. This is also a great time to purge anything you no longer need or use to lighten your load and lessen your packing duties. Your inventory list can be a detailed spreadsheet or a simple pen-and-paper list, whatever you’re most comfortable doing. While a spreadsheet is more easily edited, paper lists are more accessible when taking inventory from room to room.

Go through every nook and cranny in your home and include everything you own. Break items up into appropriate categories. When you’re ready to begin packing, assign everything a number, label each item, and record what box it’s in on your inventory sheet. Your inventory sheet helps ensure you don’t forget anything and can serve as a detailed packing list if you use professional movers.

Pack Room By Room

Pack each room completely before moving on to the next room. Tackling one room at a time keeps you from wasting time rambling from one space to another. It also helps ensure you stay on track and keeps you motivated with clearly defined progress. Once you think you have a room finished, go back through it again carefully to ensure you didn’t overlook anything important. When you’re completely certain nothing remains in the room, close the door and move on.

Do A Final Walk-Through

Even though you did a walk-through each time you finished a room, do a final walk-through of the entire house once you think you’ve packed everything. Go back through every drawer, cabinet, closet, etc., in your home to make sure you didn’t miss anything. Don’t forget the attic and basement, if applicable, which are notorious for hiding things you tucked away and forgot you even put there. If you got an early start on your packing, you should have ample time to slowly go over the entire home before you decide everything is packed and ready to move.

Hire Professional Packers

Professional packers pack for a living and are experts at ensuring nothing is left behind. They also take some of the stress off you, especially if you wanted too long to begin packing. Once the packers are finished, and the movers have moved everything out into the moving truck, put your mind at ease by taking the time to go back through the entire house room by room, checking every potential hiding space to ensure nothing was overlooked.

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Employer’s Responsibilities During A Commercial Move

dolly with boxes and a plant loaded onto it in a commercial hallAs the head of your company, your employees count on you to keep things running efficiently even while moving your business to a new location. Business relocation is a multi-step process that requires careful planning and precise pre-move preparations to ensure everything from your old location arrives safely at your new location. Like any large undertaking, it’s best to divide the workload between trusted employees and assign specific tasks to appropriate personnel. Start the relocation process early to ensure success, and make the move less stressful by hiring the expert commercial movers at Rite Move in Hamilton, New Jersey.

Designate A Moving Team

Build your moving team by appointing personnel from each department to coordinate their areas, including representatives from IT and HR who are more qualified to handle sensitive equipment and documents. Department supervisors are obvious choices to coordinate with their employees in packing up their areas. In smaller offices with fewer department heads, you may instead identify a few key employees to help coordinate the move of multiple departments. Before you pack that first box or hire professional commercial movers, establish a relocation budget and timeline.

Assign Moving Tasks

Beginning several months in advance of the move, schedule weekly meetings to go over relocation tasks. Review and define areas of responsibility for each team member and have them create a list of critical tasks that need to be completed in the upcoming weeks to ensure you meet your predetermined timeline and stay on budget. Determine where and when specialty service providers, such as computer network specialists, might be needed. Prepare weekly schedules to distribute among all employees, including packets of moving instructions based on the tasks that need to be accomplished. Create a labeling system for items to be moved based on the floor plan or layout of the new building.

Design Your New Space

Collect all pertinent information about the new location, including floor layouts so you can identify the location of key components in your new space. Besides the overall layout, identify available electrical outlets to ensure equipment is placed accordingly. Compare your new and old spaces to identify areas that match up in the general layout to streamline the process. Make notes on potential problems to address with the new space, such as fewer storage areas or smaller workspaces. Determine whether remodeling is required before the move to ensure there aren’t any delays while trying to get everything set back up.

Create A Contact List

Make a contact list of everyone you do business with to ensure they’re all aware of your upcoming move. It’s best to assign this task to one individual, preferably someone already familiar with all your clients, suppliers, and service providers, so no one is left off the list. Notify everyone of the upcoming move, including detailed information on when and where your business is moving. Also, provide details on whether you plan a short shutdown of operation or how you plan to continue operating during the move. You don’t want to lose valuable customers or vendors, so provide them with as many details as possible and inform them immediately if you must deviate from the plan. Inform the general public with a public relations campaign and press releases that highlight your new location and other details about the move.

Hire Reliable Commercial Movers

Careful planning is essential to get the job done, but to ensure your actual move goes as planned, hiring commercial movers who specialize in business locations is just as critical. When you want a reliable company with a reputation for successful relocations, count on Rite Move to get everything from Point A to Point B without incident. We’re a full-service, state-licensed, and fully insured moving company with more than a decade of commercial moving experience. Our professional packers and movers can handle everything from your largest equipment to your smallest office supplies and ensure your business relocation goes smoothly with little to no interruption in your daily operations.

As the boss, you must make sure your company doesn’t miss a beat during this exciting yet challenging time for your business. We know relocating an entire business can be tough, and you have a lot of responsibilities. You’ll face new challenges and additional stress, but our goal is to make the moving process as easy and stress-free as possible. Tell us what you need, and our relocation team will put their expertise to work for you. Contact us at 866-MOVE-110 to request a free quote for your commercial move today.