Commercial Moving Services for New Jersey

Rite Move has been providing the offices and companies of Hamilton with fast and efficient moving services for more than ten years. Since our founding, our goal has been to make the moving process as easy and stress-free as possible for all of our clients. When it comes to commercial clients, Rite Move knows that relocating an entire business can be tough. We work with each commercial client to make the transition as smooth as possible, with no interruption in the daily operation of the business.

Professional Offices

Whether a company is moving across the hall, to a new building, or to the other side of town, Rite Move can handle the task. Our relocation team handles everything from copy machines and computers to office chairs and desks. We work with each client to choose a moving time that will cause little to no disruption of the office. Therefore, most of our office moves are after regular work hours and on the weekends.

Hotel Installations

We handle all aspects of hotel installations and moving needs. We move furniture, appliances, rugs, and more out for renovations. After the renovations are completed, we move them back in. Our team can handle moving a hotel to a new location, setting up new furniture and furnishings, removing old ones, and any other moving needs a hotel might require.

Retail Stores

At Rite Move, we understand how valuable merchandise is to a retail client. That is why our moving services include careful packing and shipping of any and all retail merchandise. We will take extra time and care to ensure that our clients’ inventory reaches the new location in perfect shape.

Hospitals and Medical Equipment

Carefully moving sensitive medical equipment and hospital supplies is a job that Rite Move takes seriously. We make sure that everything arrives safely and timely. We also handle removal of old equipment and furniture, and installation of replacements.

Educational Institutions

When a school has a new shipment of desks, new tables for the science lab, or bookshelves for the library, Rite Move can help. We can handle the transport of everything from a playground to a computer lab.

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